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Bay Area Population Change & Migration by the Numbers

Did you catch that Wall Street Journal article, “Americans Up & Moved During the Pandemic”? The big takeaway for San Francisco in the piece was that loss of households doubled in 2020 from 2019. But let’s look a little closer. Their analysis, which was based on permanent postal change-of-address filings in 2020, missed a few things. It did not include foreign migration, which plays a big role in Bay Area counties, nor did it include the effects of births and

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Understanding the Bridge Loan


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’re ready to buy a new home, but all your equity — including the down payment for the new place — is tied up in the house you currently own. What are your options? In most cases, it’ll come down to a bridge loan, but there are a few considerations. The Ins and Outs of Bridge Loans First, it’s important to understand that not every bank services this type of loan. So

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Best Practices for Reading Appraisal Reports


Ever read your home’s appraisal report? A riveting document it’s not — unless you know what you’re looking for. This report is not only the appraiser’s opinion of your home’s value, it includes all of the factors the appraiser used to come up with that number. Here’s how to read it. How to Skim Your Appraisal First things first — get your hands on a copy of the report. You may have to request one from the lender, who will

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Should You Renovate Before You Sell?


Sellers looking for top dollar often consider home renovations to make it as appealing to buyers as possible. As we’ve previously discussed, we’re experiencing an extreme shortage of homes for sale right now, and we all know that low supply drives high demand. Buyers are competing for the limited homes on the market, and things are moving fast. So should you renovate before you sell? I’ll keep this one short. Reading the Room At this point, many buyers are willing

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Reno Voted Best Small City in America


In 2020, — AKA, the most comprehensive city ranking in the world — ranked Reno, Nevada, the best small city in the US. The year before, Reno sat at an impressive six on the list, and its leapfrog to number one, over other little cities like Savannah, Georgia, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, was largely based on its “natural assets and growing infrastructure.” Here’s what else to know about this hidden gem. The Measuring Stick The study rates American

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