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California Law on Political Signs and Banners

Brace yourselves. We’re in the final stretch to election day, and efforts on all sides are going to intensify. That means more junk mail, more TV and radio spots, more fights on social media, more rallies, and, on the home front, more political signs adorning the front lawn and windows. Some of them will be straightforward, while others are a little more, let’s call it colorful. But if you take offense at a particularly vulgar message in the window of

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In San Francisco Real Estate, Do You Need an Agent or a Broker?


Every industry has its own titles and jargon, and real estate is no different. And while many people tend to use terms like real estate agent, real estate broker, and Realtor® interchangeably, there are big differences. So which one’s best for you? And in San Francisco real estate, do you need an agent or a broker? Agent vs Broker An agent is licensed to help people buy, sell, or rent different kinds of real estate. In California, they earned that

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The Cardinal Rule of Property Tours


The pandemic threw a wrench into everything, and property tours as part of the real estate process weren’t spared. While in-home surveillance is nothing new, it’s of particular use these days. So heed this important reminder about the cardinal rule of property tours. The Ubiquity of In-Home Surveillance C.S. Lewis said it best: integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. And if that’s not enough, be very clear — in-home surveillance is everywhere, particularly when

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What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know about Clear Cooperation, Coming Soons, and Private Exclusives


Getting a jump on available properties puts any buyer at an advantage, particularly in a housing market that’s been on a tear. For sellers, understanding the recommended course of listing is equally important. But there’s a methodology to things like clear cooperation, coming soons, and private exclusives. Here’s what buyers and sellers need to know about all three. Recommended Course of Listing For sellers, often the first step for listing a home begins with the private exclusive. This means listing

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Are Cities Emptying? Here’s What Migration Data in San Francisco Says

One of the main topics of conversation these days is whether everyone is really leaving San Francisco, the state of California, or big cities in general. Accurate migration data usually comes from U.S. census estimates, and they just published the 2018 numbers. That means we’re a couple of years away from being able to answer that question with authority. However, a recent Bloomberg article just did a deep dive into whether people are really fleeing cities and came up with

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