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Change Afoot in Seven San Francisco Neighborhoods


Anyone with a passing familiarity of San Francisco knows it’s one of the priciest markets in the country. The tech boom following the Great Recession, paired with a limited housing market, created an imbalance that’s only getting worse. One of the hallmarks of San Francisco is the tangle of red tape and restrictive zoning laws and political hurdles in place to preserve local character. But it’s fair to say this has come at the expense of locals themselves, who are

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Recession Obsession – What Does it Mean for Real Estate?


Unless you live under a rock, it’s hard to avoid the dire warnings about an impending recession. Dedicating an entire blog post feels like adding a little fuel to the fire, but clarification and perspective are always useful. So if the idea of a recession makes you anxious, especially in terms of real estate, stop, breathe, and read on. The Definition of Recession A recession, by definition, is a period of temporary economic decline spanning at least two quarters. Trade and

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Solar in San Francisco


Way back in 2016, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the Better Roof Requirements for Renewable Energy. It was legislation that made San Francisco the first major city in the country to mandate solar panels on new construction – residential and commercial – ten stories and shorter. The law went into effect into 2017, piggybacking on an existing California law that required new buildings to set aside 15 percent of roof space as “solar ready,” i.e. clear and out

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The Role of Perspective on San Francisco Real Estate


A few months ago, the web was abuzz with news about impending IPOs and the impact that these newly-minted millionaries would have on real estate in San Francisco. We wrote it about here and here and here and here, along with the rest of the Bay Area real estate microcosm and the country at large. It was all speculation, of course, because as far as I know no one has a crystal ball, and everyone pretty much repeated one another

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Market Seasonality in San Francisco

Seasonality is a big topic in the real estate world. And it makes sense. According to Investopedia, the time of year can impact home sales by as much as 10%. But in a smoking hot market like San Francisco, does seasonality even matter? You better believe it! And the Big Month Is… Spring is the biggest overall selling season in San Francisco, but the single month with the highest number of new listings in the City by the Bay is

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